Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ethics & issues 5-2

I would not mind constant monitoring by face recognition systems in public places.  There are issues that must be resolved pertaining to the systems to identify the appropriate locations, such as court rooms, train stations, sporting and political events, to place the systems, more research and development must be completed to increase the quality of technology to decrease the chances of error and increased the accuracy rate, and to ensure rapid processing times if detained for questioning.  Face recognition systems can have great value in being located in critical places that will increase the safety of the public.  After the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, the nation must take a different way of protecting people.  Terror activity is taking place all over, it locations both big and small, and places that were never a threat before.  As a result of this new problem, law enforcement agencies must take a stronger, while less comfortable to the public, to protect the people and buildings.
                Face recognition systems should be used to locate violent criminals such as murders, rapists, robbers, people who try to kill or cause severe harm to another person, and sex offenders.  These individuals have displayed actions that caused great harm to another people, so the systems should focus of these people to protect law abiding citizens.  Violent criminals target innocent people in places that were once considered safe.  The use of face recognition systems help law enforcement cover a larger area and decrease the chances of someone who is weak and helpless from being attacked by eliminating the threat or chances of the crime.
                    I would be upset if I was falsely detained by the police as a result of a face recognition system.  I would be angry because I was detained for looking like a people who had committed a violent crime.  I would feel uncomfortable being detained because it was assumed I was a criminal.  I believe law enforcement agencies should monitor to protect people; however they must create balance to ensure people are not greatly inconvenienced.  The safety of the public is increased because law enforcement agencies are looking or monitoring a group of people.  I would understand the reason for using the system to save lives and protect people, that I would be patient. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Facebook Alternatives

Out of the 25 trends, things to watch in 2011 mentioned in the presentation, I think the most popular trend for 2011 is going to be Facebook Alternatives. The economy is going to continue feeding off the social network because it gives people of all ages a chance to talk to individuals not just locally but across the world. I believe Facebook Alternatives will be the most popular trend in 2011 because Facebook Alternatives will provide special interest sites to people with familiar likes.  Facebook Alternatives sites provides a way to learn about other cultures, communities, and specialized groups such as college students, professional sites, specific hobbies, and race or gender specific sites.  Facebook Alternatives promote a more comfortable environment for people to speak more freely because other users share your thoughts and desires.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"What I hope to get out of CSI 112 this semester'

what i hope to get out of CSI 112 This Semester is basic knowledge in how to put a computer together the ends and outs good prices, pictures, new information that i did not kno so i can use it my career in the future Juvenile Justice or any other field i fall into